Lemon and Rosemary

Oh my, the heat!

I'm not a great fan of heat, which is one reason for gelato-making having great appeal. What a pity my Physics 'O' level wasn't enough to alert me to the fact that machines that chill really efficiently throw off a good deal of heat in the process! Duh!

Anyhoo, I had a lovely time coming up with this week's guest flavour, which turned out to be perhaps the most refreshing thing I have ever tasted! It reminded me of the bliss of hitting the snowline in the Italian Alps on a camping holiday when I was a student, having spent some days in the fierce heat of the south of France and Ventimiglia. The cool, the smell of grass (no, real pasture, not 'grass'!)....and, not least of the pleasures, sleep in a proper bed between fresh sheets! Happy days!

So, having created a sorbetto with qualities that prompted such cheerful recollections, I decided to name it 'Mountain Breeze', thinking that it would really hit the spot on a hot day. Next day, our invaluable Assistant Manager Lisa, without whom this little business would not exist, admitted that her first thought on hearing the name was 'air freshener'. 'Alpine Breeze?' elicited the same response. So I have come to my senses and, probably to our customers' benefit, renamed the product 'Lemon with Rosemary'. It still tastes rather good - 'a rose by any other name..' and all that. Do pop in and have a taste!

Date: July 15th at 6:47pm